Do not prepare for excitement. I'm tired, sleepy and have come to the conclusion that I should not drink alcohol.

There is a purple thing which never ends. It began as a cardigan pattern book eleven months ago. Now I knit rows of the crossover tie for it every day and while the tie grows, so does my boredom. The only thing which keeps me going is that I want to wear the damn thing this autumn. I chose it to fill a gap in my wardrobe (note the implication of thought and organisation about what I wear) for last autumn, and the gap remains.

So mostly I don't indulge in other crafty pursuits like sewing at the moment because I am knitting a long purple tie. Which must be finished. Except I seem to come home with things, things relating to making things which aren't long purple ties. One day it was curtain remnants. Another it was fabric to make swimming bags for Fionn and Brighid.

Today, too exhausted from sleep loss to clean or cook or garden in the hot sun or hang curtains or jif the couch (yeah really, works well on 70s vinyl), I did some mending and ironing. I mended an op shop top with lots of holes around the wrist because I like it so much and never find this style to fit me in any shop. I mended the op shop skirt which matches it. I ironed things for the impending beginning of paid work again. I cut the waist off one skirt ready to take it in and sew a zip.

My current health reading focus (obsession might cover it accurately I suppose) is iron overload, or haemochromatosis. I have been ever so slightly interested in why my body handles alcohol so poorly these days. It's not that I get drunk more easily but that anything after one small glass of wine means I will be awake in the small hours of the morning for anything up to 2.5 hours. This is an interesting article about haemochromatosis and antioxidants. The blog Off the Food Grid in my sidebar is an excellent blog which has iron overload as a primary interest.

Then I went to sleep.


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