Wild thing & hot chile

Test pots are fun.

We settled on Resene Wild Thing for the walls (below is progress so far, just one coat) and Resene Hot Chile for the backdrop to the fire.

Lots of painting round here this week. Fionn chose Trinidad for his test pot for the tree house. Far too boring to paint it all one colour apparently, and he bought Dizzy Lizzy (bright lime green) this morning.

The wind outside is destroying parts of the garden again.

The slugs have been eating my coriander. Time for more beer traps. I do have rocket ready to eat again, and sowed more earlier in the week. Below are my favourite flowers at the moment. They self seed, and turn up in places where I forgot I ever put them or whether it was plants or seeds I put there. Both delicate and gorgeous.
Brighid chose her tulle for her birthday skirt.

I made lavash using this recipe yesterday. They were very yummy. Thin as thin as thin as possible yields the very best results.


applepip said…
Oh Fionn - great choice. Luka's room was all Dizzy Lizzy in our old house. I was v. envious :) Am also envious of your fabulous tree house!
Megan said…
Thanks for the recipe - asking for it was on my list! :-)

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