Change of season

Lots of new things, like the lounge walls and the bookcase Favourite Handyman painted to go in it. Today I finally finished hanging the curtains I washed three weeks ago. Tough bikkies about the wrinkles - I'm not taking them down to iron.

The dress pattern. I finished all the alterations to the actual pattern. I wanted to lower the waist which is surely one small detail. Which meant the altering of the front and back bodice pieces and the front skirt wrap and the front facings. I'm not game for altering anything else on this pattern. I washed and dried the fabric. I'm not sure if the navy blue will end up looking crisp and smart or make me look like I am 69 (apologies to stylish 69 year olds), but I am sure that choosing a cheap fabric to learn on was a good idea.
I pressed the pieces of the never ending purple cardigan. That's it all in a neat pile, looking most unphotogenic.
No photographic evidence, but I did clean the oven, wash masses of laundry, spend an hour at work getting organised for next week, spend an hour at the supermarket trying to get back into school lunches mode, repair Fionn's broken monkey, take a LOT of stuff to the dump, choose some library books, buy some mesclun salad mix seeds and vacuum the dining room floor. The speed of life is about to go up in our house, up a lot, and I am getting prepared.

Tomorrow I will name a lot of children's clothes, and make a lot of food. In the meantime, all there is to do is to go to bed and read, and note that I have now had no alcohol for EIGHT days in a row. These summer holidays have been totally fabulous. 2011 is our last year with a pre-schooler and I've cut back my hours at work to spend more time with Brighid and to spend more time actually at home growing things (like brocolli, not mould) and whatever other projects seem wonderful (sewing seems to be it at the moment). Fionn is counting the days until his swimming lessons start and soon martial arts starts again. I think we are ready, 2011. Not perfectly ready, but good enough.


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