I would like to offer my sympathies to Anne Else, a Hand Mirror blog writer and the writer of two personal blogs: Elsewoman and Something Else to Eat. One of the particularly special aspects of the current state of New Zealand blogging for me is the chance to read Anne's writing. When I was studying history in 1993, her book on closed stranger adoption (see here for more details of Anne's writing achievements) was very very influential. Almost two decades later, parts of that book still resonate with me, and I write as a person without personal experience of adoption.

Anne's valuable analysis and writing skills are still with us, but the man she loves is not. I knew the name Harvey McQueen without knowing much of what he did until recently and I have enjoyed his blog Stoatspring. Words always seem to me to be so solitary, so inadequate, in the face of death. On this occasion, words offer something different, special, a way to remember. I shall buy his recent book of his favourite New Zealand poems, These I have Loved, just as soon as I possibly can.


madhu said…
verbal expressions of sympathy to those who have just experienced the death a loved one are often forgotten in those very early moments of grief.

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