aubergine paint & calcium compost

There will be no neutrals in our lounge. No beige, or off white, no gentle colour scheme linking in with the same paint in the rest of the house. This morning, acting on my own certain knowledge that ordinary cleaning is boring, I brought the ladder inside, took the curtains down and started to clean the ceiling. Favourite Handyman had a look at my progress and offered to paint the lounge for me.

So we started with thoughts of yellow and red and then I looked at orange and also I'm now keen on aubergine. Not all together you understand (or maybe that wasn't so predictable). There is a large piece of chipboard behind the fire which I want to be a different colour. Even back in the olden days (last month) when I thought of pale sandstone for the walls, I wanted deep red for the chipboard. It is currently unpainted and that does most definitely need to change.

I found Resene's EzyPaint software on their website which is quite fun. Though the simple online one is more fun than the real deal downloaded one which is much more fiddly and feels like work.

Back to basics gardening. It is certainly where I need to be. After the neglect of the last year, I am focusing on compost again. I've been reading Kay Baxter's articles in recent Organic NZ magazines, especially the Nov/Dec 2010 issue. She is of the mind that gardens, and therefore composts, need lots of calcium. Usually I roast and then crush the leftover eggshells from breakfast and feed them back to the chooks. Today I cooked them (habit? I guess I don't need to for the compost) and then ground them with the mortar and pestle and threw it on my compost. I've got a big bag of mussel shells which I need to crush and put in the compost as well.

Yesterday I bought silverbeet, coriander, mixed brassicas and impatiens at the garden shop. I was away for the key seed raising period and bought seedlings is still better than entirely bought vegetables. The impatiens, some of which are a salmon pink I associate with 1980s bridesmaids' dresses, are a concession to my daughter's enthusiasm for gardening. I tried to move her to the pansies but to no avail. I have planted almost all of them, adding compost and lime and delighting in the worm numbers where FH last dug in the bokashi. That patch should grow wonderful brassicas.

Today I knitted one row of the endless cardigan. Yesterday I knitted none at all. I guess that is why it is endless. I also made banana cake with two children who wanted to be actively and competitively involved. I think running a professional kitchen would be easier.


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