Playing with colour and seaweed

The proposed new colours for our lounge. Ignore the skirting boards and ceiling colours; they will be white. So much warmer than the current scheme:
This afternoon we went to Rapahoe beach to collect seaweed. I collected two bags of seaweed and almost two of rubbish. The short people collected somewhat less, spending most of their time by the river mouth (gratuitous picture of the children for my siblings).

We all enjoyed watching the heron in the river.
Back home, I rinsed the seaweed and put it in the compost, layering it with the chopped up woody stems of the globe artichokes plants. I'm assuming they provide carbon. Not sure of the carbon/nitrogen status of seaweed, but as both Kay Baxter and Linda Woodrow consider the stuff to be like gold, I figure I can't go too far wrong.

I weeded around all of the garlic and planted Brighid's impatiens. I tied up the tomatoes which have been flopped on the ground since before I got back from holiday. Some very strange shaped tomatoes, but flowers and even one fruit so worth persevering. Over in the wild lot, the bees were plentiful and I was reminded that order isn't the only good. There are lots of flowers on the pumpkins and I must check - I think that other years I have pruned the flowers so that the growing energy is spread over fewer pumpkins.

I am refusing to sew for a few days as it is making my head spin (metaphorically rather literally). But I have a new sewing blog love. This is Andrea's vintage wardrobe blog. Andrea has a figure quite similar to mine. I have never before seen someone sew so beautifully and wear their clothes with pride in such a personally inspiring way.


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