The last Friday in pyjamas

for a long time...

Seven days without alcohol as of today. I have mixed feelings about reporting that I do feel better for it. On the one hand I do enjoy wine and beer a lot and on the other, the increasing sleep loss effects of it on my relatively young body were very annoying.

Today, spurred on by the certain knowledge that there are thousands of jobs awaiting me at work next week which possibly should be started today, the kids and I stayed home, me in my jammies and they in about a thousand different outfits all of which they got wet, and I cleaned. I present to you, my corner of the study in which you can see bare wooden boards and the drawers shut.

The pile by the monitor is for mending. The idea is that I will notice it more there... The drawers in the front right now contain a tidy assortment of freshly laundered fabrics which have passed my test of whether I will ever sew them. The ones which did not make the grade were also laundered (most were from a friend who had stored them in a slightly damp basement before gifting them to me) and now await the Methodist mission opportunity shop who have a special fabric table and patterns rack.

I cleaned our bedroom as well, but I'm not sharing bedroom photographs on the internet. One result is five black sacks for landfill; another is more supermarket bags for the op shop or friends with younger children; another is that as soon as I'd washed, dried and folded all my multiple baskets of today's washing, Brighid managed to render all her bed linen in need of washing.

I've been thinking about the many interesting points raised on the Kiwipolitico blog (here and here) today. I've focused on the constructuve comments, of which there are quite a few, and opted not to give head room to the smaller amount of ignorant anti-feminist stuff. Maps has summarised his contributions and those of others in a useful and thoughtful post which demonstrates a grasp of the bigger picture and issues which I really appreciate. I don't agree with him entirely on Miles Fairburn's work, but that will have to be another post. One of Maps' (many) favourite concepts, regionalism, is, I think, an important consideration in evaluating Fairburn's argument.

A friend sent me a link to this Raptitude post today. I like it.

The dress: I have measured and read the fine print on the actual pattern pieces and am part way through re-cutting the pattern to an 18 instead of a 20. I'm sticking with the lengthening of the bodice.

The purple never-ending cardigan: huh. All that cleaning and laundry and a trip to Hokitika to collect Favourite Handyman (I had to shower and dress at the last minute to avoid driving to the airport in my by then smelly jammies) + progress on the dress? Not a thing on the cardy. I think I need to press it next anyway and the ironing board is covered in pieces of Vogue 8379.

Lolly cake is marvellous. It feeds children for days. So do marmite sandwiches.


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