A spot of kitchen goodness

Not cleaning precisely, though I did run round and do some today in aid of not scaring of dinner guests off too quickly. I made chicken stock, which is the first photo. A long time ago, I read this very good book on waste in the food system, the name of which, right now, completely escapes me. Since then I look at the marked down food differently. Before I only bought it if the special was really superb, as well as that I planned to eat it anyway. But now I feel a stab of virtue as I pick up the specialled chicken (so often it is fresh chicken), that I will ensure this bird did not live and occupy the resources of the conveyor belt in order to be thrown out into landfill. So in the fridge are roughly hacked pieces of raw chicken meat which I must stir fry tomorrow and in the slow cooker is the carcass.

My first ever pavlova. I was given an early birthday present by some kind people who usually give me teatowels. This time it was a copy of Annabel Langbein's The Best of Annabel Langbein: great food for busy lives. It looks very good and I plan to cook lots of things from it. It also has lots of very useful recipes, including lots of spreads, which are fantastic for sandwiches for people who have moved on from marmite or whose mother insists on a little extra nutrition on occasion.

So I made the pav from the new recipe book and I was rather pleased with myself and I proudly showed Brighid the result in the oven and she said:

"I hate that."

Which did rather dent my plans to serve it for a special occasion she has been burbling about for months, scheduled for this week. Still, as you might note from close inspection of the photo, I have been enjoying a section of it already.

Does anyon know the difference between baking paper and ordinary lunch paper? That's ordinary lunch paper in the photo and it turned out fine.

I also made foccaccia today. My theory is that I'm using up the high grade white flour as I'm not going to make bread any more as I'm kind of off wheat. Like being off alcohol, it doesn't mean I don't like it anymore, just that I'm not going to eat so much of it any more. We'll see.

Day 3 with no alcohol. I even managed to have no alcohol when we had visitors. And I'm not pregnant.


Sharonnz said…
Was the book "Waste" by Tristram Stuart?
I *think* baking paper is slightly slicker to enable it to be more non-stick.
Megan said…
Your visitors had a lovely time :-) proper summer dining - my boys have been outside again all day today so I'm going to pull a 6pm bed time on them ha! I forgot to warn you that my busiest one turns into something else altogether after 7pm - I keep trying thinking maybe he's grown out of it, but no, not yet!
body lift said…
First one is looking really good food. Second picture of that food is really unseen for me. I want to know about that.

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