a little summer research

Polenta is good (thanks Rachael and Christopher). I have added making it more frequently to my loose aggregation of 2012 goals. I made a fry up with it this morning with some slabs of ham, a large tomato, chopped spinach and celery and a slab of polenta. It was good. I've no idea what the family rating is as I only made it for me.

I am the official secretary for the painting the roof project. I proffer my opinions on paint colour charts, compare prices of painting poles and roof rollers and line up the booking for the scaffolding. I have also taken on another home maintenance research project - learning about home ventilation systems. It's a topic mired in slick sales pitches and alleged dodginess on the part of other companies. I may post about that more when I have read more widely.

I also spent a chunk of today sorting out my haberdashery. It turns out I had quite a bit before - much of it tangled and confused - and now I have a lot more as I have sorted the bounty from Favourite Handyman's mum and nana. I bought some containers supposedly for microwaving dinners to store my now rather extensive collection of thread and some plastic bags to collate and store bias binding, ribbon, elastic etc. I declined to sort out the wool side of the chaos space and celebrated sewing space progress by mending FH's trousers. Not something I imagined myself doing once upon a time, but as I'm not going near the actual painting of the windows and roof, I've decided to be unafraid of a little mending as a household contribution.

No gardening, apart from buying more celery seedlings. I did fit in some wine drinking though.


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