parties and Pike

Today was Brighid's party. Thanks to a very helpful husband, lovely friends and lovely children, we all had a great time. I'd also give credit to my streamlining of the party process. Home made cake and everything else bought. Only cooking at the event is the barbequed sausages and FH took care of that. Chips from the fish and chip shop for the actual lunch part. Otherwise chips (crisps), animal biscuits, juice and fizzy. My one concession to my usual nutritional concerns is there is no raspberry fizzy, no fanta and no cola. The giant bouncy pillow and the go karts were pretty fabulous. Of course I didn't do anything taxing like have it at home. Imagine the cleaning involved, not to mention the scaffolding - how many small children dancing on a roof is wise exactly? We went down to the nearby holiday park and hired their facilities for a very reasonable sum and almost no cleaning up involved.

The roof painting continues, with just a few hours off for partying. I did some weeding and began to plan the winter garden as I dug. As per the usual January preparations for winter, I've been organising for a wood delivery just as soon as the scaffolding is out of the way.

I've done a bit more on my winter version of Simplicity 2451. I'm getting less scared of putting zips in and more proficient at creating a working closure. This is what it looks like so far.
I need to put the yoke facing on and then hem it and then it is done. While it will work fine with a black top, I would like to pick out the forest green in it and make another version of New Look 6735 to go with it. Ha ha ha. Not very manageable at the moment given the limited stock in our local fabric shop, but maybe Dunedin's Global Fabrics would send me some samples if I rang them and asked very nicely. I would like some of that heavy weight cotton/spandex or even polyester/spandex which they make the more expensive ready to wear t-shirts from - the kind which keep their shape over time.

There is another fifth birthday party in four days' time. Right now I see a trip to a shop to buy something readymade rather than time on the sewing machine in my future. Perhaps by Friday I will be back in the kiddie sewing mode.

I've still got some lovely blue merino fabric from Global Fabrics in Auckland. Originally I saw it in McCalls 6408, but I've since read more reviews and the wide arms won't be practical for work and the fabric may be droopy rather than drapey. So that may turn another top or tops and I will have to keep thinking about a winter cardigan type garment. I spent over a year knitting a cardigan which I'm now not especially fond of. Sewing is appealing more for its faster turn around from idea to finished garment.

That's it. No insightful political comment or inspiring creations or luminous prose. Just another diary entry in an internet-lined world. I really like how free blogging allows me to sometimes merely retell the events of my little world over days or weeks and other times to connect in a more considered and reflective way to the ideas and arguments elsewhere in my town and the wider world.

While the news media moves on (and in some ways, thank goodness), 29 men still lie under our mountain at Pike River. The people we usually buy our wood and coal from, the very talented Stephen and Carol Rose, lost their son in the Pike disaster. At the end of this month they will close up their wood business and after a month's holiday they will return to Wetville to concentrate their energies entirely on getting the bodies out of the mountain. I support the work which the families of the Pike River 29 group are doing. The recent news that it may be years before they are out needs to be challenged. Everyone has a right to go to work and to come home again at the end of their shift.


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