and the reward for the day was red wine...

Seven children, two men with a chainsaw on a scaffold, an old lady kicked out of the old people's home a day early and a crazily messy house. I'm prepared to say that a) the kids were GREAT and b) the men did an excellent job decapitating the big tree in the back yard. I spent a bit of time on the phone to the old people's home and sorted out that crisis. I planted some celery and lettuce (the old fashioned crunchy kind because frankly it tastes better than the swanky kind in the upmarket section of the supermarket, all red and crinkly). Most of the children went home before sundown.

I made some progress on the overgrown globe artichoke patch. When I made this garden four years ago, I imagined peas and beans twining themselves up the arches. Now, even in its overgrown state, it seems that not even the convulvulus wants to twine itself up the arches I carefully placed. But there are some lovely calla lillies in the wilderness and I aim to rescue them from visual oblivion and add some geraniums to the red theme as I go ministering.

Highlight of the day (apart from the people, whom I do love dearly): the neighbour brought us over some frozen crayfish. Delicious.

Also, the remains of the tree provide rich imaginative fodder. I show you only my daughter and not her also vividly imaginative friend, because putting other people's children on the internet without permission is rude and I try not to be rude. They enacted all kinds of wacky scenes but the one which stays in my head is where Brighid continues her project of making sense of Nana Pam's death and tells her friend "and I even got invited to her funeral!" They had a conversation afterwards about how Nana Pam died and couldn't come to any decent answers. What I could tell my daughter the other day when she had a minor vomiting bug was that she wouldn't die like Nana Pam after this bug, which is what she feared.

Reading I recommend: Chris Trotter's open letter to David Shearer about the Port of Auckland dispute (thank you Bryce Edwards for the link)

and Zoe's interview on Exciting sustainable fashion research.


Ruth said…
The callas are wonderful just now, aren't they? You certainly deserved your wine at the end of this day.

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