carrot harvest

Carrot harvest. I also harvested the rest of the garlic and some of the beetroot. I weeded the chook grave garden and replanted it with geraniums and kale.
I took this photo last night. It is a carrot plant gone to seed in its first season, which carrots are not supposed to do. It happened to several plants, rendering those carrots very tough and inedible. All of the seeding plants were the white belgian variety, which I have read is well suited to winter growing. Maybe I would have more success if I planted the white belgian seed in autumn.

Tomorrow is all go, Brighid's first day at school. She is very excited and I am really pleased that we have time release from work to both take her on her first day.


applepip said…
oo first day nerves for you both. Thinking of your wee girl on this big day in her life.

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