Hello garden

I've spent more evening time at my sewing machine than in my garden this summer. Now that I've finished my sewing goals for the moment and it is still balmy of an evening, I'm back outside.

I had to admit in the weekend that the summer has been gorgeous and the soil neglected and now it is very dry. Tonight I did lots of watering, some weeding, fed the compost, pruned the herb garden and planted some cavolo nero kale. Two months ago I sowed bergamot, white sage and evening primrose seeds. The problem with sowing seeds of plants I am not familiar with, is trying to sort the weeds from the intentional seedlings. Direct sowing isn't always the easiest method. I have several plants growing which I thought might be bergamot, but as it has belatedly occurred to me to check by bruising and smelling a leaf tonight, I can report that I've merely let some slightly uncommon weeds flourish.

Brighid had a fabulous first day at school.


Anonymous said…
For the first time this year we piled heaps of mulch onto our vege garden. We went away camping. And forgot to ask the lovely neightbours to water the garden for us. It didn't rain in the eleven days we were gone. When we returned my garden (as opposed to Jaala's which had no mulch and ended up a cracked dry clay patch)was completely moist and flourishing. If you're going to neglect your patch, chuck some mulch down first!
I even threw mulch over ground that I had planted seeds in. Surprisingly it's mostly real plants that have pushed their way through to the light.

My two cents' worth.

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