So the day does not disappear into complete oblivion

I laybyed the boots. If the recession hits and peak oil all at once and I have to walk to work and make my boots last for many years, then I will need these boots.

I chopped a lot of wood and dragged the scrappy stuff to make a big heap on the old sandpit. Just chopping with the loppers. Me and a chainsaw isn't quite the best idea.

I helped my elderly cousin. All fingers crossed that we get a good outcome from the meeting with her carelink worker (like an old person's social worker it seems). Mary K had been home less than 24 hours and she was in a such a confused and distressed state when I visited. It is cruel to expect her to carry on at home.

We farewelled our lovely friends who are about to start a new life in Blenheim. Can't wait to visit them there. I feel so lucky that we will see them again. Not such a big and difficult scale as when we farewelled friends in the UK.

FH finished the roof. We went to friends for a barbeque and had a marvellous time. No dishes. I like no dishes almost as much as I like friends. I did make basil pesto and beetroot salad to take round. My latest food assessment is that the best basil pesto has a little coriander thrown in for good measure.

The chimney sweep came. The wood delivery man came. Now it remains only for me to stack that wood.

I vacuumed the dining room. There is no bureacratic evidence of when it was last vaccumed. But the archaeological evidence (the state of the vacuum cleaner afterwards) is that it was a long time ago.


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