Nigella's failsafe cake fails

Nigella Lawson's "Failsafe Chocolate Cake" wasn't entirely safe from failing in my hands. The children and I have opted to return to our trusted Danish chocolate brownie recipe for the actual birthday party cake on Tuesday. As you can see from the photo, the result was almost obscene.

After making a chocolate cake flop this afternoon, we went swimming, taking Brighid for her first ever go on the hydroslide, and then on to the park to have fish and chips and play on the playground with our friends. I gave the girls their matching blue twirling skirts which they expressed great enthusiasm for.

The weather has gone cold and wet again which effectively stopped me from beginning a fanciful summer dress out of curtains and redirected me to making a winter skirt from the same Simplicity 2451 pattern which I made last week and have decided I like. I need to buy a zip for it tomorrow and it should be finished and ready for photographing, in a couple of days, or a bit more due to crazy fifth birthday partying. The fabric comes from my mother in law's stash which I suspect in turn was her mother's and is a needlecord fabric with parrots on it. I remember wearing pinafores from similar fabric when I was about seven, but so far it is working as a slightly retro woman's skirt.

Brighid has just received another birthday party invitation, so another twirly skirt is on the horizon. This time I will use the tiered skirt rather than the circle skirt option on Simplicity 2356 so I can use up scraps of fabric from several finished projects.

The weather has been too wet to garden and I have been sewing rather than reading. Not quite two weeks until work life begins again in earnest. I've been doing a bit of prep for that but mostly really appreciating the wonderful free time the four of us have together right now.


Marion said…
Is that the Nigella one with the carnation milk? That's our usual birthday cake of choice, as super fast to make. However, it works much better in two tins rather than one, so may be worth another go? love to have your recipe for your danish one.
Annanonymous said…
I know it's wrong, but I find it comforting that someone else has trouble with failsafe recipes.

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