Irresponsible thinking of unimportant things

One skirt finished. One pair of new boots in the shop spied and now coveted. I'm going to take a dress and some socks down tomorrow to check they are as high as I want them. Then we can talk layby. It doesn't seem so chillingly selfish to take bits of food money out each fortnight compared to not feeding anyone for a week so I can have new boots.

Absolutely, there are more important things to be doing than thinking about clothes and boots and sewing. World peace, global warming, the state of the dining room floor, finding some magical way of being at work and looking after small children at the same time, reading Geraldine Brooks, the Ports of Auckland industrial war and what it means for trade unions everywhere in New Zealand, weeding the garden, the Euro...

What I'm thinking about next is how to alter the pattern for New Look 6735. This time I am going to make the cardigan. I made a FBA for the top a long time ago so I can repeat that, but now I've been wearing my latest version of the 6735 long sleeved t shirt, I can see that there are more adjustments to make. Not necessarily what they are, but that those ripples and bits that ride up indicate something out of skew. I suspect sway back and sloping left shoulder, but there is something else I cannot explain. My best current guess is that I need to drop the bust gathers down to allow for my ageing and post-babies shape.


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