People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks' The People of the Book is my best read of this year. Possibly last year also. This morning the children got to make themselves ice creams in cones and drink powerade and help themselves to chocolate all so I could concentrate on reading People of the Book. Eventually, with some regret, I finished it, and re-entered my usual world. It is both a marvellous and absorbing read and also for me a constant reminder of the relentless persecution of Jewish people over many many centuries. Next beside my bed is a Linda Grant novel.

Sewing. The pattern alterations aspect has gone fairly well, but matching the band on the cardigan to the altered fronts has involved a lot of pinning and repinning and a lot of unpicking. I've left it for the evening and altered my 50 cent op shop slip instead. Now it fits perfectly to go under yesterday's $15 teal dress and today's $15 black dress. Postie Plus has a store here in Wetville and sure enough, they had the same design as in yesterday's blogpost but in my size in black.

Tomorrow Brighid turns five and her grandparents visit for the day. The house provides ample evidence of my flagrant flouting of all that my mother taught me about respectability, tidiness, sobriety, moderation, many other virtuous things, and being good. Perhaps magic fairy dust will settle on me in the night and I will wake before dawn and perform housekeeping miracles.

This afternoon was all about the infirm. We did some visiting at the hospital. Our second hospital visit was to our eight year old friend Miss E who had her appendix removed last night. Turns out the nurse is funny (the make you laugh kind of funny) and you get a tv in your room these days. They never had funny nurses in my childhood romps around Nelson hospital wards. Then we went to see Mary K who has been approved for permanent residential care starting next week. I am so pleased and she is excited about it too.


Ruth said…
I enjoyed this book too, and now have Geraldine Brooks' "March" waiting beside the bed.

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