Looks like we will stay clothed when peak oil wreaks doom and disaster upon us all after all.

Hot on the heels of making pyjama pants for me and mending one pair of Favourite Handyman's trousers last week, I have now made a pair of shorts for FH (with fabric I bought for this very purpose only six years ago), mended another pair of his trousers (saving us hundreds of dollars in the process) and extended the hemline of a favourite pinafore of Brighid's.

Oh yes I do think a medal is a good idea.

I am getting more confident and thus sewing more evenly with this practise. FH saw the fabric (smallish paisley on a deep red background) I had out to make the shorts and loved it. 'Are you going to make me a shirt with that?', he asked. I'm not up to making a man's shirt just yet. But after reading on some very good and organised person's blog today about starting making Christmas gifts now in order not to get in a panic and a funk close to the time, I did think that a) this wasn't completely silly as by November life has gone crazy and there is no home made room except maybe for ginger beer and b) perhaps, just perhaps, if I keep practising my sewing skills and improving at them, I could manage a casual man's shirt by December.

Let's not be too specific about what calendar year this December might be in for now.


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