something lasting

I've been enjoying the writing on handwork of Sharon and Sharon lately. I especially liked Sharonnz' teacosies.

The specialness, I would even tender the sanity-savingness, of work which lasts is very true for me. I find this with my garden. Even though it won't last forever, my garden work lasts a lot longer than the clean bench or the folded washing. My project to fill the punga raised bed with compost this past few days has been my sanity project in the midst of child illness which seems close to endless. When it was raining as well as Fionn ill, I managed very tiny projects. I would lay on the bed with one or other child in my arms and hang on to this small sign or progress. One day I emptied a bag of seaweed on the punga raised bed. Another day I spread the last of my bale of peastraw. But yesterday dawned beautiful and there was a gap before my daughter came down sick. In that gap (bright with the short-lived prospect of illnesses over), I moved four wheelbarrow loads of compost into the punga raised bed and I am now half way to my goal that this bed will be lovely and high with new soil in late Spring. I didn't realise I had so much compost in my second compost bed so I'm pleased with that harvest. I collected lots of chook poo from their night shelter/nesting box and put that in the punga raised bed also.

So I am halfway through this winter project without having spent anything. Next I am going to collect horse poo from a friend's paddock and pile that up with some pea straw (assuming I can buy some).



Sharonnz said…
Thanks:-) Love your work too - very encouraging on the garden front.

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