Cooking skills and my thinking challenge

Further to my recent thoughts on things which last beyond the whirly-gig of daily care for a home and family, I've now definitely got a new skill. I made gnocchi for the second time last night. I took Christy's guidance (thank you!) and did not bother with a recipe. I worked with the feel of the potato mix. I put spinach in as well in last night's gnocchi and made a tomato sauce to go on top.

Except I have a new fancy word for my tomato sauce.


flash aye?

So although the gnocchi is gone and the dishes taunt me and the boy is hungry for more dishes-making food right now, the thing that endures is my new skill that I can make something so yummy which is otherwise so expensive to obtain (and the shop stuff has all sorts of additives in it as well as being pricey).

I've been thinking about the philosophical state of our worldview, inspired by Madeleine Bunting, but I'll be back to that when my boy isn't so desperately needy. Bunting's article feels to me like the best and most important thing I have read in some time, but I still have to work out how to 'answer' it for myself. Or respond might be more accurate. I read the article in the print version of the Guardian Weekly (I would love to be as clever as Madeleine Bunting - she is always writing fabulously apposite articles), but I see the online version has lots of comments. I'll be back to read them when I get a break in my mummy shift.


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