More garden notes

An hour without children but with sunshine today. I covered the punga raised bed with cardboard and then weighed it with logs and tyres. That should prevent it from growing weeds in the compost and keep it a bit warmer.

Then I got cracking weeding the strip against the fence, not far from the punga raised bed. When we moved here, nothing grew in this strip at all, not even the lawn which it seemed to be designated as. But once Favourite Handyman had chopped down two large bushes and let in lots and lots of light, and then as I buried bokashi along this strip, dormant plants from far ago when it was a loved garden strip began to show themselves. The tropicanna lilly has gone from strength to strength and will be ready to divide and replant next Autumn. For the first time in the 3.5 years we have lived here, snowdrops emerged a few weeks ago.

So now I am preparing the soil for flowers the entire length (c.2.5 metres). There are trees very close from our neighbours and coal ash has been put there before, so I'm not planting edibles on this strip. I will add some blood and bone and some comfrey-seaweed compost brew. Soon I will sow calendulas along the strip and when my rose cuttings are strong, transferable plants, I will put them along the strip. This area is on the side of the hosue where we eat and relax in summer, so a good spot for some visual beauty to drink in.


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