local food: squid

Last month we were talking about how lots of squid is caught near us and yet we can never buy it. Today I found some at the fantastic fish shop in Hokitika. Five dollars for a whole squid. I took a few tips from the fishmonger on what to do, wondered about the eyes etc. back home and rang a chef friend in Auckland for more expert tuition and then cooked my very own calamari
for the first time.

Before children, when we spent a large portion of our two incomes on gorgeous food in Ponsonby, I used to eat calamari every single time we went to a small restaurant (not at all ponzy or pretentious) called Calabria. I've been keen on having some more ever since but as tonight's meal (entree size) for two was probably $40+ worth of calamari in a restaurant setting, I'd despaired of having any for a very long time.

My first attempt was a reasonable feed and I'll be buying it again and practising until I have that Calabria sensation in my mouth once again.


Oooh I love calamari! When can I pop over for dinner?!


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