Laksmi and the dinosaur eggs

I took my boy to Laksmi who is a masseuse/homeopath/nutritional therapist/awesomely knowledgeable and skilled person yesterday. The dark and deep rings around his eyes, the tendency to weep at the slightest provocation, the re-emergence of his eczema, the not quite there energy levels, the recent history of viruses, they all pointed towards it being time to call in some help.

Help and support for the body. Not drugs to supress the symptoms of his weakness.

Laksmi worked her magic. I have seen my boy take a shine to people before, but he adored Laksmi.

So when we were going through her eating plan, he was prepared to follow her guidance. Especially because she made food magical.

Dinosaur eggs for afternoon tea. Baked potatoes and then the flesh taken out and mixed with kelp salt, lashings of butter and something green which I couldn't quite remember. Today I added wakame, Japanese dried seaweed. Crumbled it in. Both kids wolfed it down.

One of the themes to come out of her recommendations was less carbohydrate and more protein. Interesting - I've been reading more and more pointing in this direction over the last twelve months. Expensive so far, but I need to remember that changing eating patterns is always expensive initially and things might ease down a bit in time as I get better at cooking in the new way.

The other interesting theme was about fat. Like many I read and respect, Laksmi is not at all convinced by the lipid fat hypothesis and notes the correlation between fats being demonised and children running around with adhd. She has him using flax seed oil on his breakfast, cod liver oil with dinner, eating those fish oil jellyfish, plenty of butter on vegetables and increased portions of meat.

He is also using homeopathic remedies on Laksmi's specific recommendations. I can see a positive direction already - after his bath of silica and thuja last night his dark circles were not so dark this morning.

I am really looking forward to watching my son get stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, I thought a pudding would be an excellent treat for after league practise. Laksmi didn't mention icecream and crumble in her recommendations but I had a plan for loading up on nutritional goodies at the same time. I used pears for the fruit and then added finely chopped crystalised ginger to the fruit mix. For the crumble mix I crushed brazil nuts, cloves and almonds and then added rolled oats and sugar and lots of cinnamon and mixed spice. I stirred a handful of this mixture into the pears and then spread the rest across the top.

Those nuts and the cloves and ginger which the children usually shun? Straight down the gullet.

Tomorrow's project? Home made muesli bars. Plus some pumpkin muffins which I am going to sneak more nuts into. Lunches are the biggest area for changes from a carb-intensive meal. Just as well I bought lots of baked beans this week.


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