Sewing day

Which actually happens once or twice per year here. Today makes twice already in 2009 though...

I mended Favourite Handyman's trousers, sewing flowery denim patches on the inside of the seat of the trousers and zig zagging it all together with purple thread. They should last for ages more now.

Then I finally made up the pyjama pants that I cut out at sewing class last year. I'm wearing them now. Op shop fabric, more purple thread which I already owned and elastic from my stash of things which I buy for specific projects and then forget. All round cheapy goodness. I broke one sewing machine needle but that is an improvement on last year, when I broke the entire machine every time I tried to use it.

The sewing machine is back on the floor, my laptop on the desk again. Who knows how long until it comes out again, but of course this flush of success at actually finishing even small projects has me thinking of more. Perhaps some sewing for Favourite Handyman's birthday? After all I do have the fabric and pattern I bought for making something for his birthday for 2003...

I still have a large and fantastic stash of fabric gifted to me earlier this year. Maybe I will make a bag for my daughter, who seems to be into girly things like bags.

Then there is the scale of making things really properly so I could wear them to work. I keep planning this, but haven't actually done it yet.


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