We had a big storm last night and the roof of our garage fell in in two places. It's an old style tile roof and I suspect that it is going to need replacing in its entirety. I am pleased I wasn't collecting wood when the large tiles fell directly onto where we usually collect the wood from alongside the garage.

At least the chook run was fine this year. It is currently in a much more sheltered spot - if it was in the original spot I expect it would have also blown over last night.

Not content with getting really wet walking to the car, Brighid and I went swimming in our new town swimming pool after work this morning and it was absolutely brilliant. Warm , fantastic design, only $3 for a parent- pre-schooler combo.

Deciding to ignore the rain and pretend or at least imagine that clear skies will be with us again soon, I bought some mushroom compost (totally, utterly wonderful stuff) and two punnets of brassicas. I don't usually bother with cabbage, but if it is homegrown, perhaps I will finally have a crack at making sauerkraut. Broccoli for my other punnet.

The biggest event on the school calendar for our local primary school is the school gala. Braving thunder and lightning, I went to a PTA meeting last night. Just like last year, I was totally in awe of the talent and extremely hard work of the chief organiser who must put in hundreds of hours of work, all for the unpaid benefit of our primary school. This year I have volunteered to be the marshall for the face painting. I will collect money, prep faces with moisturiser and get them to choose their design. That way the lovely face painters can work at maximum efficiency.


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