fish n chips n childcare

Fish and chips for dinner. Takeaways. The bliss of it.

Last night I cooked pumpkin bake and one child hid under the table so as not to even have to look at it and the other made noises similar to those probably made by men and women dying of torture in the Reformation. At the prospect of eating perfectly nice food.

So I'll be taking a break from food reporting for the foreseeable future of my breathing existence.

Mostly at the moment I am spending my waking, dreaming and the bits in between when I want to be asleep but am not, thinking about childcare. Our precious K has moved out of her parents' home, taking her boyfriend and baby daughter with her. It isn't to the original flat they had planned and we have decided that Brighid cannot go to K's new home. I've been close to tears a few times this week but also grateful for the wonderful care we have had for Brighid over the last 2.5 years. K's mum will still look after Brighid two mornings a week and I've been researching options for the other two mornings which I work.

Breakthrough this morning when I had a chat to our wonderful kindy teacher, I had not thought to talk to her right at the beginning. She knows all sorts of wonderful things and also she knows about things which aren't wonderful and need to be avoided. A and I have known each other since the first month we lived on the West Coast, when our husbands began working together. She made me the most beautiful pink booties when Brighid was born.

And she has recommended a lovely childminder to me today and Brighid and I have an appointment to meet S and check out her house of toys tomorrow morning.

A post about children. Sometimes it has to happen. We did get a great big box of organic feijoas this morning, couriered from Golden Bay. They are making us all happy. I did pull five weeds out of the garden this afternoon.

And I do have the details through for a writing workshop with Joan Rosier Jones to be held in Blackball in June. Which is both exciting and a reminder that I am supposed to be organising part of it, including a mailout tonight.

I am missing alcohol. Not on a diet or planned abstinence, just waiting until pay day so we can afford some. Which is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


Sharonnz said…
Yeah, that sounds like dinner at my place. Hope your childcare works out happily for everyone - soon.

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