Fish rolled in flour, paprika and lemon & pepper (that dried mix you buy from the herb shelves in the supermarket). Then cooked in olive oil. Mashed potato. sliced raw carrot and cucumber.

kid test: they ate the carrot and cucumber. Fionn ate everything, but slower than usual. The terakihi wasn't as suited to the coat-and-fry method as the turbot we had been getting but which was out of stock today. Could I muck around with a bearnaise sauce like they do in restaurants for terakihi? Likely not.

Fallon/Price test: I don't much care today but I'm sticking to the food blogging commitment. Fish good but white flour and lemon pepper mix probably not. Mashed potato surely okay and raw veges. Fallon likes cooking veges for ages and then meat raw which feels not only weird and possibly dodgy, but also takes too damn long.

I haven't worked on my writing at all. Bad. I did take Brighid to Laksmi the wonder worker today and learnt things about pituitary glands and valves for pooing and realised also how little I know compared to how much I want to know. I'm not even sure of the name of the type of healing she used today. The energy work and reflexology and pressure points stuff I broadly recognise, but there was more. Very interesting.

When my writing is indeed properly crafted, I think it is going to recreate aspects of the May Day opening of the Blackball 08 memorial. Somehow I must stick to this one.

Sick of thinking about what to cook for tea, I have dealt with tomorrow tonight so I don't have to think about it tomorrow. Bacon hocks with french lentils and vegetables and herbs in water to make soup all day in the slow cooker. It's in the fridge now but that doesn't guarantee that I will remember to get it out and turn the slow cooker on tomorrow.

Yesterday I planted a red hot poker. It is a divided root from my cousin Mary's large plant. I just want to record that I got out into the garden during the week. For my own sanity.


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