peanut sauce

Dinner: chicken, kale, mushrooms, carrots, rice and peanut sauce.

It was my first ever attempt at peanut sauce. I had soaked and then dried the peanuts a la Sally Fallon ages ago, but I didn't dare look at her recipe for peanut sauce tonight, the sun being on the descent and all. I long for chicken with peanut sauce a la the scrumptious dishes I have had in Malaysian places (like the wonderful cheap place in Dunedin when I was student) and Thai places (like the wonderful place out of sight and trendiness in a forgotten mall in Ponsonby when we were childless and rich). The thing about living in this small wet town is that as there are no Thai restaurants and no Malaysian restaurants, it isn't about coveting the riches to eat out for dinner, but about learning to make the food yourself. Christchurch (3.5 hours drive) is too far to drive for a meal out.

Kid test: Fionn yes, Brighid no. She did eat some chicken earlier on.

After dinner I played around with the juicer. I've been doing carrots, ginger, celery, beetroot and apple for a while but tonight I added one large leaf of sorrel, on the basis that it is a bitter green and bitter greens are supposed to be very good for me. It tasted good.


Sharonnz said…
Oh yes, it was upstairs in an arcade wasn't it? We're on a Thai kick here atm - but I'm embarassed to say the kids get fed something more palatable to them earlier on.
Gillybean said…
You made think I ought to get out my juicer too, because that sounds lovely and healthy. I've been experimenting with Kefir soda which isn't half bad. The first lot I made was slightly alcoholic I think, I drank the whole bottle just to make sure.
miriam said…
Hi Sandra,
Great to hear from you and find your blogs. Not sure how to leave a comment on your gardening one but I love the photo of the wheelbarrow. I've been coaxed into watching Te Radar on a Sunday night but I'm afraid his wheelbarrow this week blew his gardening cover. It was no workhorse. I'm looking forward to browsing over your blogs when I get access to the computer again (also am having trouble posting things at the moment until new modem is installed), meantime happy gardening, cooking, mothering and living, I'm off to read the little boys stories .
Don't be embarassed Sharon. I'd say it is time to be pleased you are getting to eat food which isn't sausages. Not having the children grizzle they don't like it is a distinct bonus I think.

Kefir soda Gilly? Sounds great. How do you make that?

Thanks Miriam. Glad you like the photo of our workhorse. We bought it our first Christmas in our own home and it has been in regular use ever since.
Peanut sauce is such an amazing sauce. I like it. I think it did make your dinner special.

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