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Sausages and carrots and broccoli and rice for dinner. Same people ate and same people did not. No long soaked rice for Sally Fallon, just food on the table fast. The best bit is that I did not cook it. Ah Mothers Day, where consumerism is somewhere we are not and I got breakfast in bed and dinner cooked for me (and the dishes done). I got the camera out today...
Above is the raised bed which Favourite Handyman made above the graves of our three first loved chooks. We had to pull the lemon tree out of here - it seems that the lemon needs to be in a pot to thrive here. The bare soil to the left of the photo was once sporting a thriving line of carrot seedlings until one night some greedy fattening slug ate them all. Now I have some celery plants in there and hopefully the bokashi liquid I gave them this afternoon will help them thrive. The rest of the bed is queen annes lace, calendula, alyssum and rocket.

Rocket is my favourite treat in the garden. I don't bother offering it to my children much at all, prefering to savour it myself. The stuff is so expensive in the shops and so easy to grow and it tastes perfect picked, rinsed and put straight on sandwiches. I have it on my breakfast as well as lunch.

I planted the six rows of seeds on the perfect pre-full moon time perhaps ten weeks ago, or maybe only six. From nearest to farthest, rocket, alyssum, beetroot, welsh bunching onions, carrots, mesclun lettuce. Germination was erratic, and notably poor for the beetroot, but it is a reminder of how much food I can create even with half an hour of gardening snatched out of the rest of my life.

I sowed the chicory, argentata beet and carrots at the same time. You can see the scattered marigolds still even though it was a week ago that I pulled the plants out.

This is a jungle. Creeping buttercup and borage crowd out other weeds while a few dianthus survive to one side. I pulled the front of this out this morning and dug a bucket of bokashi in and then topped it with pea straw. I need to finish the back part and then I can take and post a photo of the improvements.

I wasn't expecting to like Under the Tuscan Sun much when I started it. But it turns out to be one of those books which makes me want to change my house. The last book was Kingsolver's Lacunae, where the descriptions of Frida Kahlo made me want to put richly coloured pictures on my bedroom wall. Above, Fionn stands in his and his sister's room with it's gloomy wallpaper just as we are starting the big change. If you have no budget for renovating, then tearing down wallpaper and enjoying the creamy remains on the wall is a great idea. Or that's the theory I'm working on once again.

Here it is at the end of the day. I've cleared the wallpaper from three sides and now we can put lots of children's pictures on the walls. The navy and white bits below the curtains are my extensions to keep out the cold. One day when we magically have a decorating budget, I shall put a pelmet to the ceiling above the curtain and run new curtains down to the floor.
Off to my Blackball writing file...


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