pulling teeth

Dinner: milo (for the boy with a numb mouth), chicken, avocado and hummous sandwiches, tayberries, cheese, mandarins. It was great to be home and have something to eat.

I never really knew what a root canal was until today. Fionn was in agony last night and as soon as I got to work today (couldn't ring earlier as we had no power after last night's storm), I began to negotiate the school dental service system. Eventually we got him an appointment with a dentist in town for the afternoon and she advised a root canal over an extraction.

The things you learn in pubs. As I went into multitasking mother overdrive, I ran into our local pub to tell the publican who is also Fionn's rugby league team manager that he wouldn't be at practise and why, it turned out I knew the only two patrons as well and they had some strong, indeed vehement, advice on root canals (DON'T!!!!!!!!) and I realised I had 45 minutes to research this.

By the end of 45 minutes I had organised after kindy care for my daughter, gleaned some more insights into the whys and wherefores of root canals (thank you to our lovely kindy teachers, one of whom used to work as a dental nurse), checked Favourite Handyman's thoughts (extraction) and advised the dentist that they would be doing an extraction in ten minutes' time, not a root canal.

We've also got some challenges around changing child care circumstances and my lovely friends are helping me next week as we work through those changes and what the best response is for Brighid. I feel so very very blessed to have the wonderful supportive friends I have here. They love my children and my children love them. I know it is not something to take for granted.

And in my garden? I have tiny seedlings of miners lettuce popping up all through the herb garden. Apparently too hot for them over summer and now we have more greens in sight for winter. I didn't get to look at them today, but I know they are there, green shoots of a life not so busy.


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