The blue corduroy skirt

Sewing day.  I bought New Look 6300 with two other patterns for the grand total of fifty cents recently at St Vincent de Paul in Hokitika and today I set about creating myself a new skirt with it.  The pattern only goes to a 16 and so I added 3cm to each back piece and 6cm to the front.  So far it has been successful.  One useful thing about having a fat tummy is that fitting it does mean a straight or slightly a line skirt has plenty of room in it for walking.  I'm unsuited to the constraints of a proper pencil skirt.  I ditched the order of sewing suggested by the pattern instructions and measured the darts onto myself with pins in front of the mirror.  I also changed it into a skirt which sits on the waist rather than below the waist.  The blue corduroy comes from my late mother in law's stash and I suspect it was bought many years ago for FH or his brother.  The paisley is a small piece which took my fancy in the Sallies last year.

I've run out of thread and haven't got a zip, so no more progress on it until Monday.  Rashly, I entered the Me Made May challenge earlier this month, when I was under the influence of school holidays.  Now May is rather close and I suspect my purple cardy which I knitted myself is going to be worn rather a lot.  If this corduroy skirt works out then I may make one or two more.  Then I should have the courage to try to make the Simplicity 1945 crossover top again

Saturday 28 April
Breakfast: poached eggs, cooked by FH.
Lunch: picnic salami/hummous/crackers/apples/carrots eaten in the car between Brighid's league game and Fionn and FH's martial arts grading.  Fionn helped me assemble it.
Tea: bangers and mash and veg cooked by FH.


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