the home made food project continues

All the way to Tuesday with nary a bought sausage roll.

Tuesday 24 April
breakfast: the others had porridge and I had fish and vege salad.
lunch: yoghurt or sandwiches, le snak or snak log, fruit, pistachios and salami for the kids; pumpkin salad for FH and I.  Actually I had two lunches.  I had a scrambled egg with bacon and spinach at 11am and my pumpkin salad at 1.30pm. 
tea/dinner: roast chicken, roast potatoes, steamed broccoli and raw carrots.

Having two lunches was useful as it meant I wasn't hungry for ages after I spent $419 on two dental fillings.  From a scientific perspective, it is clear that my mouth was numb from the injection, but equally, it could have been numb from the dent in our credit card.

As for dinner, Brighid ate all of her dinner, liked it and asked for seconds.  This has not happened since 2011.  If I'd had a special bell to ring to announce this auspicious and wonderful moment to the rest of Wetville, I would have sent loud peals of joy into the evening.  I don't know when she last even looked at a meal without grizzling about the taste of something or about a sore tummy.  Not sure if it is coincidental or significant that it was a meal without grains.

It is more work, this consistently made at home food commitment.  But it does mean that I am eating better and so is FH (I almost always made the children's school lunches before this anyway).  Shop bought lunch always means lots of bread or pastry and home made salad lunch does not.


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