Term time

Monday 23 April
Breakfast: porridge for the others; fish and veges salad for me.
Lunch: leftovers for FH; yoghurt or sandwiches, fruit, pistachios and salami for the kids; fish and veges salad for me.
Tea: nachos with chilli beans, spinach, cheese and avocado.

So we did it.  Four home made breakfasts (that bit is normal, to be fair), four home made lunches and dinner/tea on the table only one hour after the last meeting at work finished.  Now I've got pumpkin cooking in the oven which will, I hope, form the basis of a lunch salad for the adults for tomorrow.

Susan Fletcher's Witch Light is very good.  It is set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1691, when William of Orange is on the English throne to the disgust of many in the Highlands, with dark and brutal consequences.  I hope everyone who is short round here goes to bed soon so I can go to bed myself and read.  I don't have to stay up and do dishes.  Chief cook I may be, but I am not bottlewasher.


Sharonnz said…
Thanks for the book recommendation. We're still stuck back in the 1400s at our place but once we've moved ahead a couple of centuries I'll look out for it!
Sandra said…
My pleasure Sharon. What are you enjoying in the 1400s?

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