What day is it?

I live at home now. 42 hours after Brighid starting vomiting, she did her final vomit (we think) for this illness. That was yesterday. Today she ate just the tiniest piece of a piece of toast and two mini iceblocks. She mostly slept and in between I hung out washing and read her picture books. She is, she tells me, too sick for Milly Molly Mandy and The Secret Garden. Tonight she managed a piece of pizza before retreating with a sore tummy. I think we are making progress.

So tomorrow we will spend together and hopefully she will make further progress towards full participation in our community life (translates to 'going back to school').

When I have sick children, and the attendant lack of sleep, I oscillate between thinking about ways to improve our health through the eating of especially good food (Nourishing Traditions came out, for example), and being too tired to produce food from scratch. Tonight's dinner came from Dominoes. While I was at work tonight arranging to not be there tomorrow, I could not mentally organise myself to order pizza there. So I drove home, received the favoured pizza requests from Fionn who is perfectly healthy, and ordered the pizza from my computer. When I got to the shop, I asked why I didn't get the cheaper Tuesday deals online and the service person kindly and gently explained that the reason is that today is Monday.
I did put beef bones in the slow cooker today though, so tomorrow there should be bone broth to make pumpkin soup with. I did watch this interview with Rodney Hide. I never thought I would purposely watch and take seriously anything Rodney Hide says but there you go. Thoughts on alternative health paradigms and socialism and individualism will have to wait for another post. Then tonight I read an interview with Claudia Roden. I always love reading interviews with Roden. The only book of hers I have read/own is on Italian food. The ones I covet are on Jewish food and on Middle Eastern food. Perhaps it is fitting that I made hummous this morning.

The greens gap in the garden is soon to close. The miners lettuce and rocket are nearly ready for harvesting. There is a little silverbeet and soon some kale will be ready. Kale is in fact ready now but I'm more focused on building up stocks for winter. I'm still squashing huge numbers of caterpillars each day AND the white butterflies are still flitting and laying eggs.


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