More sewing

On a dark, wet and windy day, my very Favourite Handyman fixed the wash house window so that it won't blow open and break into smithereens when the tumble drier hose is venting.
He used his electric drill, which has to rate as the most generally and utterly useful present we've ever gotten him.

 I cut out another skirt, this time in red corduroy.  The interfacing is from a 20cm piece I had to buy in the quilt shop in Hanmer Springs a few years ago.  It was too pretty not to take a little bit home.  If it wasn't so darned expensive, I would have bought a dress length's worth.  As the light is too poor at the sewing machine in the lounge, I'm only cutting at the moment.  This week I will get an adjustable lamp to sit beside/above the sewing machine and then I can start night sewing again.
Then I started version #2 of the Simplicity 1945 crossover top.  This time I took a lot more care to make the exact same alterations to each side.  I thought I was done and ready to cook dinner when I stared a bit longer and finally the alterations advised in this tutorial finally made sense. 
So I made the changes as I recalled them, though if you look at the tutorial again as I've just done now, it seems I've slashed all the way through instead of just nearly to the bottom.  I'm keeping my experiment as it is though.  I haven't aligned the left hand side in the way that a classic FBA is supposed to as I want the added width over my tummy and just below it.  I didn't fancy the way the first version hugged my belly.  I've used the FFRP y-dart FBA and partially closed the dart, leaving the bottom piece with a trianglular insert.  I've redrawn the side seam and think I will ease the extra fabric from the unsewn dart in when I sew the front to the back.  At the moment, I think this will work, as everything seemed to line up nicely when I placed the two pieces over each other.  Only time will tell.

Sunday 29 April
Breakfast: poached eggs, cooked by FH.
Lunch: saveloys
Tea: pumpkin & lentil soup with cheese scones

Not much green in today's meals.  No takeaways either though.  I put plenty of tumeric in the soup.  Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties, but there are protests when I make everything yellow, so pumpkin soup is the best place to throw it.   I made a double lot of soup earlier today and have plans to cook it up with sage and quinoa tomorrow night, and serve it with crumpets.


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