Still eating

Thursday 26 April
Breakfast: porridge and cornflakes (Brighid had to eat porridge before she was allowed cornflakes so that she had enough energy for the day.  We are mean parents and we have plans to extend, not retract, our meanness).  I had chicken sandwiches, I think.  A lot happened since breakfast.
Lunch: FH and I had leftovers.  The kids had the usual lunch box things, assembled at home.
After school: ice creams at home.
Tea: a casserole of sausages, chickpeas, onions, garlic, ginger, various sauces and carrots which turned out okay.  Plus peas and corn on the side.

Books I got from the library:
Marvellous mince and sensational sausages by Simon and Alison Holst
100+ Tasty $10 Meals by Sophie Gray
Taste of a Traveller by Brett McGregor

Apparently the last book is by New Zealand's first Masterchef.  I've only watched Masterchef once, on holiday, but if his kumara felafel is a success, or his chickpea and pancetta stew , I'll be shouting from my blogtop.


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