Beach Sunday



Sunday afternoon at the beach.  Brilliant way to spend our last daytime hours before school starts back.  I went to work in the morning while Favourite Handyman took Fionn and Brighid to a grassroots rugby league morning. 

Sunday 22 April.
Breakfast: variously, cornflakes and leftovers
Lunch: sandwiches, leftovers
Tea: A slow stir fried mixture of anchovies, onions, leeks, garlic, spices, tomatoes, spinach, red peppers and potatoes, topped with cheese and avocado.
Post beach afternoon treat: pancakes.  They were yummy, gluten free, and now I have a hope of using up the bag of buckwheat flour I bought last year.

Tomorrow the home made budget challenge starts in earnest.  I've never made four lots of lunch to leave the house on a work day ever.  Fionn and I are the morning people in our family, so he is already quite good at making his own lunch and is also looking for a pocket money raise.  Hopefully we can get a good system going.


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