The Green Room

It's been an exciting Easter weekend. Pictures of the transformation:The wallpaper is ripped off. The test pots are up and dizzy lizzie, the green paint, wins the selection contest.

The primer undercoat is up.First coat of dizzy lizzie.


The bunks are in, the beds are ready to use and Fionn even has a matching laundry basket for his room. The 'space' curtains are from the old room and were an op shop find a few years ago. The section at the top which you attach the hooks to has lost the thread to pull it taut. When I have my sewing machine out of the piles of books and in operation again, I shall sew some more on so the curtain gathers properly at the top. The calico curtains on the adjacent window are from The Warehouse. We went down for curtain hooks today and I decided that given the effort and money we'd put into the walls, I'd splash out on some new curtains ($63 for a pair versus minimum $40 per metre for even the cheapest at the local curtain shop). There are blinds on the windows as well, and soon we will replace those with black out lining for the curtains which my very kind Mum has offered to make for us.

Tomorrow we work on Brighid's room. It did look like this:

and now it looks like this:

Although it also needs painting, that will have to wait. Favourite Handyman quite reasonably says it has to wait until Brighid stops drawing on the walls. Did we draw on the walls as children? Not twice anyway. The world hasn't quite fallen down due to our relatively laissez-faire parenting, despite me knowing for sure that the hiding we would have gotten for drawing on the walls as children definitely deterred a repeat performance and possibly any drawing at all. Wicked youth and their wicked parents. Must be because I only walked to the end of the short driveway to catch the bus to school and I had shoes. Have you ever noticed how no old people who talk about how hard their early days were ever lived close to the school?


Sharonnz said…
Inspirational. I've only gone so far as to buy two test pots for the girls' room. Frankly, the idea of any sort of prep scares me - I'm considering painting over the heinous textured wallpaper cuz I'm lazy.
Sandra said…
Sharon, my children love stripping the wallpaper off walls.
applepip said…
ooo I love the green! F's room looks stupendously fabulous! We did L's room with exactly the same colour in our old house. I still miss it.
Unknown said…
Green is a nice color.

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